My builder told me that the home has already been inspected and approved by the city.

Of course he did.  Your builder does not want an independent inspector anywhere near your new home.  The municipal inspectors in El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM are so overwhelmed that it would be impossible for them to conduct a new home inspection on every house under construction.  On average, each municipal inspector in the area must conduct approximately 22 inspections per day.

Texas builders are not regulated by the state. They are self-regulated. That’s right, your builder is not licensed or even registered. That means that he is not required to have any special education or experience, insurance, licensing or bonding prior to building your new home.

We inspect only two homes per day. That is it.  Rest assured we will spend significant time in your new home to make sure it was built right.

Completed New Home Construction Inspections include inspections of all components and systems.